Want to get to know us a little better? Here's the story of A&J CO. 🕯

How it started

Moving into a tiny studio flat meant I feared our bedroom would always smell like last night’s dinner.


Like a lot of people, scented candles were my weapon of choice. But even though most of them would smell great in the container, they never burned too well.

And the decent ones were wildly overpriced.


So, I made it my mission to create candles that actually smell good from start to finish. And I wanted to do it in the most eco-friendly way possible.


That’s how A&J CO. was born.


Good for the world 🌍

From the wax we use to our packaging, and everything in between, we’ve made a conscious effort to make sure our candles are eco-friendly. 

Our candles are created with soy wax, which is vegan and non-toxic, unlike popular paraffin wax that's used in plenty of high street brands. We source all our fragrances and wicks from eco-conscious suppliers and they’re all non-toxic and vegan.

Using eco-friendly packaging is also important to us, which is why all our boxes and labels are made from recycled materials and use vegan ink.


Plus, we're Climate Positive!

Quality over profits 💸

Making candles can be very cheap. You can buy supplies for pennies and charge £30+ to make a huge profit. 

Not only do you end up with a naff candle that doesn’t smell very good, but it’s likely that the candle is filled with all sorts of nasties and made unethically.

We wanted to do better.

So, yes. You can buy cheaper candles, and that’s up to you. We promise that we source our supplies sustainably, they smell amazing and we keep costs as low as we possibly can. 

St Albans.jpg

Handmade in St Albans

We take pride in the fact that each of our candles is hand-poured in that tiny studio flat we mentioned earlier.

So there can sometimes be imperfections on our products, but that just means you know they've been made with love and sent from a small city in Hertfordshire.

What's next?

Well, our mission is to continue creating products that are high-quality and kind to Planet Earth. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email us (hello@ajcocandles.com) and please sign up for our newsletter where you’ll be the first to find out about our new launches and initiatives.